How Strong is a Bicycle Helmet to Protect Your Head?

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Do you wear a bicycle helmet? If yes, then you must know these facts. If no, still you need to know its importance. Wearing a bicycle helmet is always safer than not wearing one.

Bicycle accidents can sometimes be fatal. Wearing a helmet that can absorb impacts can protect your head and brain from absorbing those shocks.

Facts say nearly 75% of all fatal bicycle crashes are head injuries. According to an estimate, nearly 44,000 bicyclists have died in accidents since 1932 in United States only.

To cause a head injury, it does not always have to be a strong force. Cyclists can reach up to 40 km/h and any impact may lead to a severe injury.

Common bicycle accidents include hitting your head on the ground or hitting on a vehicle that goes in front of you. In both cases, which can be slow impacts, still they can cause a brain injury.

The science behind it
Expanded Polystyrene Foam (or EPS) is the material commonly used in helmets and in packaging materials. They are light weight and their main job is to absorb impacts.

An outer shell made of  PET ( Polyethylene terephthalate) or a similar plastic is used. It is usually glued onto the foam layer, then taped around the edge for appearance.

Without foam, a bicycle helmet isn't effective just with an outer shell. 

Bicycle helmets are designed for a single impact and then be replaced for a new one. Unlike cricket and football helmets which are designed for multiple impacts.

Bicycle helmets are light, you can even break them by using your hands. But when you are wearing a helmet, the head is providing a load to the foam. So it is more difficult to break a helmet that's being worn then an empty helmet.

When a cyclist faces an impact, shock wave passes through the helmet's foam. Some of the shock waves are reflected back as a rarefaction wave which reduces the amplitude of the forward moving compression wave reaching the human skull.

A well designed helmet have functionally graded layers which decreases the damage to your head. The breaking of helmets's shell and the irreversible compression of the foam can dissipate some of the shock waves. 

Also some of the impact shock is dissipated through the breaking of atomic bonds and undergoing pressure-volume work, respectively. 

Penetration of helmet's components can be avoided by deflection due to the hardness of the shell and low angle impact. The spherical shape of the helmet helps in effective distribution of load.

Any helmet, whether its a bicycle helmet or a motorcycle helmet, is likely to get damaged after an accident. Replacing it is necessary for it to protect you again.

In the case of bicycle helmet, it is recommended to replace it every 5 years even if it has not seen any impact. Bicycle helmet components can weaken overtime due to weather, UV and pollution.


Vantablack - The World's New Blackest Black Material

The super black material named Vantablack absorbs 99.96% of light that falls on it. It is manufactured by UK based Surrey Nanosystems through their low-temperature carbon nanotube synthesis process.

The process deposits vertically aligned nanotube arrays (VANTAs) repeatedly and accurately on various temperature sensitive and light weight materials like aluminium. The VANTA black coating is chemically inert, environmentally safe, resists shock and vibration.

For wide range of applications, Surrey NanoSystems patented process can also deposit these black coatings precisely on either flat or three dimensional (3D) structures.

Vantablack's ultra-low reflectance finds applications in space and terrestrial calibration instruments, infra-red detectors and stray light suppression in optical instruments. It can be coated on internal components such as apertures, baffles, cold shields and Micro Eelectro Mechanical Systems (MEMS).

The super-black material has been extensively tested and characterized by UK National Physics Laboratory (NPL) and EnerSys’ ABSL Space Products Division.

 “We are now scaling up production to meet the requirements of our first customers in the defence and space sectors, and have already delivered our first orders.”, says Surrey NanoSystems' CTO Ben Jensen.




Making the Most of your Living Room this Christmas

Making the Most of your Living Room This Christmas 

The Living room, one time considered a mainstay of family life, and was the one room that on a daily basis brought you all together to reflect on the interesting anecdotes each member had experienced in their respective day to day lives.

Unfortunately the living room has been forgotten in recent years, instead family members opting for various gadgets to keep them enthralled and entertained, rather than watching the TV communally, you’d be on your mobile phone/tablets as individuals. Well no longer! The living room is making a comeback in a big way, it is fast becoming a family staple once more thanks to the following unique, interesting and brilliant gadgets below.

Touch Screen Tables

Why have a table when you can have a table that’s also a tablet?! If your answer was anything other than price then products like this just may save your living room from an agonizingly slow and painful death.

The beauty of a tablet table is that it can be utilised by multiple users, whether you want to play a game such as the one above with your children or you want to blow ol’ gran’pappys mind. With Lenovo recently releasing a, “Budget” version of the Tablet Table it is becoming more affordable than you think (whilst I still can’t afford one at this moment in time) it’s not hard to see the prices continuing to fall in the next few years to encourage family purchasing.

 Xbox One / PS4

It’s hard when mentioning either of these two rivalling mammoths in the console industry not to get dragged into an argument about which is the superior console. In recent times console manufacturers have tried to reach a wider demographic than just the hard-core gamers of the 90’s.
Today they’re trying to appeal everyone, they realise that gaming doesn’t have to be a niche or taboo hobby. More importantly something that everyone can enjoy. Grand children and grand parents alike now have universal platform on which they can explore virtual landscapes from the comfort of their own homes.

Utilities that scream excitement and involvement such as The Xbox Kinect (Included in the Xbox One package) and the PS Eye are relatively cheap add-ons considering the amount of fun each encourages.

 Perfect Sound & Picture

With a host of other entertaining gadgets on offer for the family it is all too easy to forget about the audio visual experience that having a good TV/surround sound system can offer, and with the average household doing more than five hours viewing per night it’s hard to understand why.
As a family unit, you’re more than likely going to spend a great deal more time together viewing than anything else whilst in the house. So it’s important not to forget why you fell in love with the television in the first place. And the reason is, it immerses your mind body and soul into a Technicolor dreamscape. You feel what the protagonists of the film are feeling, you’re there during their ups and their downs. During every twist and turn, every cliff-hanger.

The TV has long been the hallmark and focal point of any respectable living room. So it’s important not to neglect the power of cinema. Don’t forget about surround sound. Once you purchase quality speakers, they last decades, plus it really compliments the cinema experience to no end. Utilizing one more of the human senses is a must if you’re thinking of revising and reinvigorating your living room in the near future.


10 Visually Appealing Windows Themes For You This Winter

Welcome this winter with these beautiful windows themes on your device. From frozen gardens to snow covered mountains and glaciers, all to make you feel the every moment of winter.

Winter is the most exciting season for everyone who loves snow and it might not be very comforting for some. Since my childhood days, year after year I always waited for the winter to arrive. 

I never witnessed snow fall in my city were I grew but I felt winter days are beautiful. I could hardly wait for early mornings to witness birds singing, dews on plants, cold breeze and fresh air. Now its time for you to feel the icy weather on your windows device!

1. Winter theme - DOWNLOAD - Theme page
Includes amazing scenes of snowy landscapes.

2. Glaciers panoramic theme - DOWNLOAD - Theme page
Stunning icebergs and glaciers are featured in this panoramic theme.

3. Swedish Winter theme - DOWNLOAD - Theme page
This theme features winter landscapes and stunning beauty of winter in Sweden.

4. Snow Panoramic theme - DOWNLOAD - Theme page
This panoramic theme features the beauty of snow covered landscapes and also looks stunning on dual monitors.

5. Winter Garden theme DOWNLOAD - Theme page
This theme features frost covered leaves, berries and branches with great quality by photographer Hayley Elizabeth.

6. Majestic Mountains panoramic theme - DOWNLOAD - Theme page
This panoramic theme features magnificent snow covered mountain ranges and is also designed to span on dual monitors.

7. Frost Macros theme - DOWNLOAD - Theme page
Frost leaves, grass showing crystalline ice and make you feel the freshness of nature.

8. Frozen Formations theme - DOWNLOAD - Theme page
This theme features naturally formed ice patterns and frozen scenes displaying nature's artwork.

9. Snowy Night theme - DOWNLOAD - Theme page
This theme features warm lights, wooden cottages and snow covered towns welcoming winter on your device.

10. Ice Castles theme - DOWNLOAD - Theme page
This theme features ice sculptures, castles and ice walls taking you to wonderland.

To check out more windows themes for your device, visit windows personalization gallery.

Which one is your most favourite theme? Do you know a better theme? 
Please share with us below in comments.






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